Kona Grill launches skinny menu

Kona Grill Want to eat and drink healthy this spring and summer? Here's another option.

Arizona-based grill and sushi chain Kona Grill recently announced a new menu for the upcoming season featuring three 115-calorie cocktails and three 200-calorie entrees. The menu, riding the coattails of the President Barack Obama's new healthcare law, which requires full caloric disclosure, will run April 1 through end of August.

"Kona Grill's 'Get the Skinny' mindset is less about weight and more about being in the know," said Rachel Phillips-Luther, vice president of marketing and brand innovation in a release. "Getting bodies in shape for the swimsuit and patio season is nice, but being able to offer a 300-calorie meal is, well, the most flattering figure of all."

Kona Grill won't be the last one rolling out such a menu. The trend first started with a 2008 mandate in New York City that restaurants post calories. Chains like Yum Brands -- the parent company of KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell -- and Panera Bread are already doing it , and the new bit of information has worked well with the health conscious consumer. A New York Department of Health and Mental Hygiene study found that consumers have become more selective in choosing food with fewer calories since the city's menu-labeling laws kicked in.

The slim cocktails at Kona include: $6 cool cucumber mojito and sukini marg and $7 skiwi kiss. The "skinny" entrees are seven spice ahi for $12, and yellowtail and cucumber salsa, and halibut ceviche each priced at $11.

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