Jackpot! 7-7-7-7 has Pennsylvania's number

lucky 7 in Pennsylvania lotteryFor thousands of Pennsylvanians, the state's Big 4 lottery coming up 7-7-7-7 Wednesday meant a lucky windfall.

But for numerologist Tania Gabrielle, it meant more. If you believe in such metaphysics, Pennsylvania and its neighbors are in for something, well, big.

"It's indicating a sudden event -- good or bad, however you frame it -- for this side of the country," Gabrielle told WalletPop on Thursday. She said it could be political or Earth-related, but could not offer more specifics.

Gabrielle, a self-proclaimed "Celebrity Numerologist," explained that 7 is the number that looks most like a lightning strike. A lightning strike represents intuition or a realization, and is associated with unforeseen events, she said.

As far as numerologists go, Gabrielle appears to have a meaty resume. She is a frequent radio guest and is the author of "The Unrevealed Secrets of Political Success: How Names and Dates Shape United States History," according to her website. Her analysis has roots in "Ancient Chaldean, Pythagorean and Ancient Egyptian" theory, the site points out as well.

She also is a student of human nature. Asked to make one more prediction, she said the luck that people associate with no. 7 (she isn't a believer, by the way) will inspire others to buy more tickets. "It'll be a boon" to the lottery, she said.

The immediate future is definitely looking brighter for the 3,107 ticket holders who won $7.77 million. So many bet on 7-7-7-7 that the lottery lost $7.2 million, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Want more 7s? At the time of writing this item, Pennsylvania's Super 7 jackpot was $7.3 million, and its Cash 5 best-case payout was $770,000.

Said Gabrielle: "It often is like a little forecast that the meaning of a number will manifest in some way on a bigger scale."

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