Insulation Gets Added Flair With Window Film

window film is extremely beneficial and can look great, tooWindow film - you need to be on a makeover show, because you've got an image problem!

Window film has the reputation of the ugly step-sister of pristine windows.... think wavy plastic shrink-wrapped over leaky windows via a hairdryer. Tacky! But there are a growing number of reasons you should consider window film. Yes, you, in particular, the city-slicker renter. Window film easily adds insulation, decoration, and privacy to your rental. (Heck - if it's good enough for the White House...!)

Stylish people: don't despair. Window film doesn't have to be ugly.

You can choose your basic see-through window film that keeps the cool inside and the chill outside. Or, you can get fancy and select from a wide variety of patterns and styles to enhance your decor. The light transfer from the film will keep your apartment rental bright while also adding some much-needed privacy on, say, a bathroom window. Window film requires minimal effort to install and is easy to remove, too.

Or, you can "decorate your glass with class" with any of these chic designs...

Etched Glass Effect

tropical design etched glass-like window film
A window film like this may not affect your energy consumption, but they sure do look pretty similar to a much more expensive decoration: etched glass. Depending on the design you choose you can achieve more or less privacy. This palm tree design from Window Film World would be great on the door of your beach rental.

Colorful Privacy

colorful window film offers privacy

If privacy is your concern you have far more latitude with your choice of colored window film. Typical designs include stained glass effects and abstract, modern shapes. This vibrant red window film, called Cefalu Red, from Design Your Wall is sold by the foot and is easy on and easy-off.

Bring Nature Indoors

Not much of a view? Make your own view of nature with tree-inspired designs. You may find it relaxing, and, it clearly shows you're design-conscious, too. These lovely window films are by Maria Liv of Scandinavian Design Center.

Don't your existing windows without film look a bit Plain Jane, now?
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