How to Build Your Super Stove in Cafe World?

Everybody must have loved the Super Stove in Cafe World since Zynga decided to allow us all to create our own Super Stove and therefore increase the number of free stoves we can get to two (and hopefully more, if it will be allowed to build more than one superstove in Cafe World).

Either way, once you log in to Cafe World, you'll notice the above pop up which is no April 1st joke.

So... how do you build a Super Stove in Cafe World? It's quite easy and the concept is similar to that of the buildings you had to create in FarmVille, or the Spice Rack in Cafe World. This means that there's a specific number of items required before you can buy the Stove. Instructions continue after the break.

Here are the items you need:

- 12 Grill Rings
- 12 Metal Plates
- 14 Compter Chipsbr
- 12 Control Knob

The ONLY way to get these needed items, at least at the moment of writing, is by asking your friends to send them to you. This means that you can't receive them via regular gifting, which further means that the SuperStove is really hard to be built. But I am sure that with a bit of dedication, it will be possible.

Alternately, you can pay for the missing parts, each of them costing 1 Cafe Cash, for a total of 50 Cafe Cash, the price of the full Super Stove in the market. But what's the point of spending real money for something that can be created for free?

So... how's your Super Stove building process going?

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