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It was a big news week for homeowners, as the federal government ended its massive mortgage asset buying program that has been propping up the housing market, home prices barely budged, and California Governor Schwarzenegger unveiled a new $10,000 tax credit for home buyers. HousingWatch had those stories and more. See what else was happening on HousingWatch this week.

1. Extreme Makeover Home Sells in Las Vegas

If you're looking to buy in Las Vegas, here's your chance to own a tricked-out "Extreme Makeover Home Edition" house without having the hyper-active Ty Pennington invade your space for a week.

2. DJ AM Goldstein's SoHo Apartment Sells
A NYC buyer was able to look past the stigma surrounding the apartment where Adam "DJ AM" Goldstein passed away last year, putting down a contract on the SoHo property that listed a few months ago for $1.79 million.
3. Is Fannie Mae Getting Too Stingy?
Fannie Mae's tighter restrictions in New York's Battery Park City are putting the squeeze on buyers who are unable to get mortgages, and sellers who are left with no one to sell to. But read the why's before you go hating on Fannie - she's just doing her job.

4. Best Protection Against Another Housing Bubble May be a Generation's Painful Lessons
A HousingWatch writer proposes a hopeful theory that the lessons learned from recent financial crises - like the dot com and housing bubble-busts - may put us all on the path to brighter times ahead.

California Home Buyers to Get $10,000 Tax Credit
California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has just signed into law a new $10k tax credit for first-time homebuyers. Well-timed purchases may also benefit from the still-available $8k federal credit, so get going!

Obama Overhauls Failed HAMP Loan Modification Program
The federal Home Affordable Modification Program may be a bust, but the government isn't hanging underwater homeowners out to dry - read on to find out how the program is being modified to help curb the foreclosure trend.
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