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To bring you up to speed, HGTV's "Home Rules" has added a missing ingredient that other home renovation shows are greatly lacking: a life coach. Before the contractors come in to renovate the lucky family's home, they must first earn it. That means working on their family issues and showing signs of changing for the better before the walls are knocked out to create a brand new floor plan.

That's where life coach/host Fran Harris (left) comes in. She works with the homeowners in order to bring calm to their chaotic personal life before the home renovating begins.

This week's episode: "Mom and Dad Need To Grow Up"
So how does life coach Fran Harris lay down the law in this week's episode of "Home Rules"?

Eddie and Leigh Cardiano look like they have the perfect family on the surface. The live in a big house in New Jersey along with their 4 kids. But things aren't always as they seem ... Their house is falling apart. The couple's young kids pretty much rule the place. They run amok; riding their bicycles into the walls and staying up to all hours of the night. (Do these parents feed these kids nothing but Sugar Pops?) Eddie and Leigh also have their problems. Leigh is tired of playing bad cop to fun-loving Eddie's good cop -- she needs to stand up for herself. Eddie, on the other hand, lacks any sort of home improvement skills.

Fran gives a proposition: before construction starts, the couple has to get serious about laying down the law!

Home Rules then gets a little weird. The Cardiano family is then moved into a budget motel as home renovation begins. What they are not told is there's hidden cameras in their hotel room. Fran watches their family's antics on a monitor. (Creepy. It reminds me of the movie "Sliver.") She sees that the kids are still up to all hours, running around and jumping on the beds.

Time for tough love.

While the construction team redesigns their house, Fran puts the family through various self-improvement exercises. Leigh learns to stop putting other people first and takes a stand for herself. Eddie pitches with the construction crew and learns needed home improvement skills. Both parents learn how to make their kids go to bed at a proper hour. After seven days of construction, the new family home is revealed. Guess what? It's amazing! A big kitchen island has been put in. Walls have been knocked out to make the whole house seem more spacious. Every one hugs. Eddie cries.

After one month, Fran comes back to check up on Eddie and Leigh. They are truly changed people; now living in a lovely home. Hurrah!

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