Free allergy guide at Rite Aid

allergy guide free at Rite AidRite Aid just released a 16-page allergy guide intended to help allergy sufferers recognize their symptoms, avoid having an attack, and treat one when an attack happens. You can pick up a copy in the pharmacy section of Rite Aid, at the counter, or read the allergy guide online.

I read the entire thing and found it very helpful in determining the difference between colds and acute sinusitis, which I get a lot. I know, TMI! The guide has:
  • tips for avoiding pollen
  • a list of unexpected foods that may contain common allergens
  • tips to soothe dry skin
  • how to watch our for eye allergies
  • a chart that clarifies what is a cold and what is an allergy
There is also a list of what drugs Rite Aid sells that treat all of the allergies mentioned, surprise, surprise. Not that you need to rush out any buy a bunch of drugs to treat allergies. Decide what is best for you.
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