FarmVille La Maison Gifting Supplies Return to Gifting Page & Giftable Yellow Greenery!


It looks like La Maison free Gifting Supplies have returned to the FarmVille Gifting Page. Due to an unintentional error made earlier this week, the free La Maison supplies expired prematurely. They will expire from the Market, tonight, March 31st at 9pm PT. We also do not know what this means for those farmers that purchased final La Maison supplies with farm cash after the early end. Hopefully, Zynga will address this issue in more detail.

UPDATE: From FarmVille's Lexilicious,

"Due to the technical issues over the past few days, the French Chateau LE items have been restored to the Market. They will expire on March 31st at 9:00 PM PST."

There is also a new giftable Yellow Greenery that debuted in the FarmVille Gifting page.

Remember, the only way to receive free giftables is as a gift from one of your FarmVille neighbors.

This article originally appeared on FarmVille Freak.