FarmVille celebrates April Fools' Day with Toilet Paper prank

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April 1st is April Fools' Day and FarmVille is in the spirit of trickery by gifting every farmer free Toilet Paper!
Toilet Paper can be found in your FarmVille Gift Box and every farmer will receive one roll for free.
FarmVille Toilet Paper in Gifts

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You can then use your Toilet Paper to TP a neighbor's farm, specifically their Barn. You are only able to TP Barns. Nice job Zynga gods. :)

In the United States, Toilet Papering or is considered a prank or a joke. You use the Toilet Paper to "wrap" someone's house, trees, or buildings. Read more about it below.

"Toilet papering (also called TP'ing, House Wrapping or Yard Rolling) is the act of covering an object, such as a tree, house, or another structure with toilet paper. This is typically done by throwing numerous toilet paper rolls in such a way that they unroll in mid-air and thus fall on the targeted object in multiple streams. Toilet papering is not uncommon in the United States and frequently takes place after the completion of a school's homecoming football game and graduation, as well as on Halloween.

In some states in the United States, such as Texas and Virginia, toilet papering is considered an act of mischief or vandalism. Yet in some states, such as California and Minnesota, it is legal and cannot be fined.[citation needed] Toilet papering can be done as an initiation, joke, or as a somewhat malicious (yet generally harmless) prank. Teachers, friends, school buildings, and other figures are popular targets for toilet-paperers. Although typically a homecoming prank in many areas, TPing is done all year round and is especially tricky to clean up after it has been rained on.[citation needed] Ring of Honor wrestler Jimmy Rave has fans who throw toilet paper whenever he makes an entrance. (Source: Wikipedia)"

What do you think of this April Fools' Day treat? How will you celebrate April Fools'?

Farmville Freak Xavier's Toilet Papered Psychedelic Barn
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