Farmville April Fools News Wrap


Zynga isn't the only one changingupFarmville for the purposes of April fooling. Here's a round-up of some of the better jokes various news sites have made up for the ubiquitous farming simulator today.

If Online April Fools Pranks Had Balls - The latest Photoshop contest includes a bunch of great potential jokes, but the reason it's being linked here is the winning joke image, which appear at the top of this post. Can you imagine logging on to your farm only to see such carnage? The horror... the horror...

RNC using Farmville to reach out to young voters - I included this joke not because it's especially funny, but because it would actually be a good idea. If Microsoft can use Farmville to gain 400,000 fans for Bing in a single day, why can't a political party do the same thing?

Digital plague sweeps Farmville - This joke makes it onto the list for the description of the fake locust plague as "the worst thing to happen to online farming since Mafia Wars." ZING!

Farmville pies its Farmville farmers on April Fools Day - I haven't been able to confirm that this one is an actual joke, since it's only suppoded to affect certain Farmville players. Either way, it seems like a great way to get virtual farmers to take themselves and their digital crops a less seriously, at least for a day.