Apartment Earth: Benefits of Joining a CSA

You don't have to live in the country to enjoy fresh-grown fruits and vegetables. Nor do you have to spend time or money grocery shopping. Simply become a shareholder of your nearest CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). The sign-up season is just getting started. Find your local CSA at Local Harvest.

Here are some of the tasty benefits...
Support Locally Grown Food
Being a member of a CSA means that you economically support a particular farm. Your share investment provides start-up capital for the farm's growing season. You benefit from large harvests and share the risk during leaner harvest seasons.

Experience New Vegetables
What arrives in your weekly share box varies from week-to-week. New items arrive that require some adventurous spirit or will encourage you to try a new recipes.

Learn What Grows Locally
It's nearly impossible to eat exclusively local all the time (who doesn't appreciate a tropical mango or banana every now and again?), but, directly supporting a farm will give you new appreciation for seasonality. And there's nothing better than a super-ripe, in-season tomato.

Save Time & Money
CSA share prices look expensive until you break it down. For example, a "half share" of a New York City CSA will cost you between $185 and $245 (sliding scale based on income). However, this entitles you to fresh vegetables from June through November. This is a very reasonable weekly rate. You'll save time and money shopping at the grocery store.

Delivery or One-Stop Pick-up
Some CSAs deliver to your door; others provide a one-stop pick-up. Both are convenient options.

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