Storage Space Gets Interesting

using the oven to store your shoesNeed to "cook up" a hot outfit for your next date? Simple. Pull a lightweight sweater from your oven and check your refrigerator for a suitable pair of shoes. Arrange for 30 minutes and then serve up some sexy.

The New York Post
recently featured several New Yorkers who use everything but the kitchen sink to store shoes, sweaters, and other clothing items. One, fashion writer Zandile Blay, explains that she uses a small wine cooler for beverages and uses her disconnected oven for storing jeans and high heels.

The Rented Spaces team has been doing this for years!

If you're truly obsessed with clothing, shoes, and accessories, here are a few more places to carve out space in a tiny apartment with or without the services of your "country home" (i.e., rented storage space). These suggestions can look artfully and purposely arranged...

Horizontal Surfaces of all Kinds
Shoes displayed on top of televisions, stereos, or the tops of the sofa cushions? Try them stacked along stairs or on top of bathroom vanities (so long as the bathroom is well-ventilated). Or, if you're of the more design-savvy set and crave Design Within Reach's Horizontal Shoe Rack but don't want to spend the big bucks, Curbly shows you how to make your own. (Check out our other coverage of Curbly's clever DIY projects.)

Vertical Spaces of all Kinds
Tie scarves, sashes, and belts together and hook from the ceiling or curtain rods. Group by color and texture to make it look intentional. Don't forget the back of doors and other unused crannies, either.

Your Partner's Apartment
If you happen to share the same apartment building - or short commute - with your love interest, you can consolidate one apartment for living/sleeping space and one apartment for clothes and overflow storage. Overkill? No, not necessarily if you're in the we're-practically-living-together-but-not-living-together-yet stage. (Once you are in the living-together phase, a storage unit is a lot cheaper!)
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