Social News Wrap: Melons, Gorillaz and Food Wars

Playdom Announces Acquisition of Three Melons: The already super-sized social game developer grows even larger by purchasing yetanother small developer, this one a 45-person Argentinian company that has helped with 50 third-party games and also makes proprietary game development software. Three Melons' first original game, a soccer simulator called Bola, has nearly 150,000 daily active users -- small potatoes for a company the size of Playdom, but providing plenty of potential for growth. (press release)

Gorillaz Release New Online Game and Single Package: The first six levels of this 2D, Gorillaz-themed, browser-based drive-and-shoot-and-swim game are free to play, but the remaining eight -- which include 3D hang gliding -- are only available if you purchase and download the Gorillaz newest audio single for £1.50. Hey, if baseball cards can come with bubble gum, I don't see why music can't come with online games... (game site)

Booyah Partners With Travel Channel To Promote MyTown: Players of the location-aware iPhone game will receive branded virtual goods when they visit real-world locations featured in the hit TV show. Virtual items are nice and all, but how about a deal that gets me free dessert instead? (Inside Social Games)
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