Putting valuables in a safe deposit box could be a costly mistake

safe deposit box
safe deposit box

Last weekend, robbers dug through the basement wall of a bank in Paris and entered the vault. While they were there, they cracked open almost 200 safe deposit boxes and stole their contents. A similar robbery took place in January at a bank outside of the city. This time, the thieves looted about 100 safety deposit boxes.

Police aren't saying how much these crooks netted, but French media have compared the incidents to a robbery 35 years ago at the Nice branch of Société Générale, one of Europe's most prominent financial institutions. These thieves cleaned out 400 safe deposit boxes, making off with an estimated $32 million in cash, securities and other valuables.

So knowing that this kind of crime can happen in the real world – not just in a Pink Panther movie -- how trusting should you be when you load up a safe deposit box at your own bank?