Ninja Warz Cheats & Tips: Six easy ways to get ahead

ninja wars
ninja wars

Ninja Warz is a Facebook game that pits your ninja clan aginst others to gain money, experience, and karma. Your allies can send you gifts of weapons that make your ninjas more powerful or relics that earn you more gold and more karma. Earn gold to buy additional relics and weapons for your ninjas.

Karma is crucial to Ninja Warz. It allows you to train your ninjas or gain extra gold. In addition, in Ninja Warz you advance levels by gaining experience points. Experience points are earned by winning fights or by getting achievements through assisting your allies.Finally, Ninja Warz favors large clans so you'll have to hire more ninjas to defeat your foes.

Ninja Warz is a competetive game of strategy and might, it takes dedication to amass a strong clan. Fortunately, we have six Ninja Warz cheats and tips to help you succeed in the world of the ninja:

1.) Buy Relics. Your ninja can equip relics to get a variety of boosts. When relics are equipped they earn you gold or karma. The more karma you have the better you will perform on the battlefield. Having relics equipped increases attack speed, helps your defense, and increases your critical hit chance.

2.) Visit Daimyo. The god statue can give you multiple things. First, you get a reward every 4 hours that consists of gold or karma. Second, you should convert your karma into gold once you have trained your ninjas and you have 1 or 2 karma left.

3.) Buy Weapons. Starting off with good weapons will let you conquer other people with them. There are multiple ways to get good weapons. One way is by fighting tournaments. Tournaments aid you significantly if you win and don't cost you a thing if you lose. Another way to get weapons is by helping allies. If you do these challenges gracefully you'll receive a lot of money and experience to buy weapons with.

4.) Send and receive free gifts. An easy way to get ahead is with help from your allies. If your friend is a higher level than you he can give you a more powerful weapon or relic which can be put to good use. Give yourself an advantage on the battlefield by equipping the gifts to your ninjas and profiles.

ninja warz free gifts
ninja warz free gifts

5.) Use the weak karma stone. Having it equipped to a relic slot will get you 1karma every 12 hours. You can even stay at the same level if desired. By keeping the weak karma stone in a relic slot you will eventually have enough karma to train your ninjas to an amazing level.

6.) Fight. One way that you can bring yourself up in gold and karma is to challenge players at lower levels. Simply go in to fight and hit the weaker button to challenge a lower level opponent. Or you could even challenge a stronger opponent. The more difficult the opponent, the more experience and gold you'll win.