My City Life Cheats & Tips: Six easy ways to get ahead

The basics to My City Life are the same as in most social networking games -- buy things to collect money and points in order to level up and buy more things. However, that's where the similarities end between My City Life and games like Farmville. Using a combination of urban planning and statistical study, My City Life offers the player a chance to build their own city from the bottom up. Here are six tips to get started on the path to a perfect city.

1. Quickly populate the city

The secret to moving up in My City Life is not the amount of neighbors (aka friends) that join up. Instead, it's the amount of virtual citizens that populate the city. To get more "people" to relocate, houses need to be purchased. The only houses to purchase at first are small and cost 30 coins. Yet, only a few of these houses allow a user to move up to the next level. As the levels increase so do the types of residences. As players reach level 8 they can begin purchasing apartment complexes, just as long as they have enough citizens.

2. Provide transportation

Another way to get ahead is to build-up the city's transportation infrastructure, which is done by placing a series of roads around the district. At level three bigger items like bus stops and train stations can be added to the mix. Coins and points do not get collected on the roads; however, they do on the other transportation items.
3. Light up the big city

While players are provided with a power plant at the start of My City Life they need to add more as their cities expand. Additional plants, generators, and back up batteries are available for purchase. While they may increase the city's pollution (see item 6) they also increase the amount of coins and points that can be collected.

4. Provide places to shop, dine, and have fun

Citizens of My City Life need more than just a roof over their heads; they need places to eat, shop, and have fun. Businesses such as grocers, cafes and nightclubs not only keep the citizenry happy but also provide an additional revenue and experience opportunity. As players power up the size and cost of the entertainment does as well.

5. Collect Taxes (and collect them on time)

There's nothing to cook or harvest in My City Life. The way that coins and experience points are accumulated is by collecting taxes on the city properties. If caught on time (when they are lit green) properties produce the maximum amount of points and coins. If a property is lit red it means tax collection is late and the amount of coins/points collected will be the minimal. If time is of the essence, a virtual tax collector can be hired for between one and five virtual dollars to do the collections.

Taxes and points for properties such as small houses, transportation depots, and businesses can be collected several times a day. Coming back frequently will help a player to get ahead very quickly.

6. Keep pollution and crime down

As the city grows so will threats from pollution and crime. If these two stats get too high it can prevent further progress. To keep pollution down players may need to sell properties with high stats or purchase properties, like greenhouses and parks, that help reduce the total percentage of pollution. Fire and police stations should be purchased or heavy-crime properties should be sold in order to reduce those particular stats. In general, look at the data provided with the menu selections for residences, businesses, and services to determine the crime and pollution rates.

Have any additional tips to get ahead in My City Life? Or just looking for more friends to play with? Leave a note in the comments below.
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