Hotel City Cheats & Tips: Six easy ways to get ahead


Much like Playfish's Restaurant City, Hotel City gives you the opportunity to test your skills at managing a virtual business -- in this case a hotel. Your goal is to take a small hotel and turn it into a luxury 5-star destination, by building and furnishing different types of rooms. You can also put your friends and family to work as receptionists, maids and other hotel staff, while you do more important things like shopping for Italian leather sofas and comparing wallpaper designs.

Released in mid-March, Hotel City is Playfish's 11th game on Facebook. With about 122,000 users, Hotel City is off to slow start, but playing for a few minutes shows that this game has managed to recapture the magic that gives Pet Society, Restaurant City that extra special something.

When getting started with Hotel City, here are six tips that will put you on the fast track to making your hotel a world-class destination.

1. Start by adding a bunch of budget rooms to your hotel. You want visitors to stay and pay, so the more rooms you have, the more money your hotel will earn. Your star rating also improves as you build more rooms, and you'll be able to unlock and add cooler features faster, i.e. a fancy restaurant or a big swimming pool.