Farmville's Co-op Farming revolves around specific, timed jobs


If you didn't have time to listen to Monday's Official Farmville podcast, you may have missed some crucial details about the new co-operative play option coming to the game soon.

The biggest revelation is that co-operative play will be focused on specific timed jobs, not on general farming. You'll be able to request help for each of these jobs from your neighbors, and they'd better answer the call quickly, because each job will have a strict time limit. The faster you and your neighbor complete the jobs, the better medals you'll receive (gold, silver or bronze) and the better rewards you'll receive with it. In fact, the podcast promises that gold medal performances will come with a "very special prize."

There are still a lot of unanswered questions surrounding co-op play -- when exactly it will launch, how it will be controlled, whether both players will have to be online at the same time to take part -- but these hints have us eager to learn more. As soon as we hear it, you'll hear it here.