6 uncommon household expenses to remember when budgeting

McDonald's unexpected expense
McDonald's unexpected expense

Banks that gave loans to people who couldn't afford them. People who leveraged way too much on their credit cards. Real estate bubbles.

There are a lot of reasons given for our current economic mess, and each of them definitely contributed to the mess we're in today. But I'd like to throw out another reason for your consideration: As a country, we're failing at household budgeting.

I used to think that everyone else had it all figured out and it was just me who couldn't manage to bring in more than was going out. But now I think my problem is more universal than I suspected.

So assuming I'm not the only one who could use a remedial course in Household Budgeting 101, I logged on to BidaWiz, a site where you can submit a tax, student loan, accounting or any other financial question, then you hear from numerous professionals offering to answer your question for a fee. You select the professional with the credentials you like and the fee you're willing to pay, and you get a customized answer.