Zynga Searching for Umbrella Site Name

Zynga searching for umbrella site name using survey.
Zynga searching for umbrella site name using survey.

FarmVille Freak FarmVilleTips discovered an interesting survey distributed by Survey Monkey for Zynga.

It seems that Zynga is looking for feedback about naming a new site that would work as an umbrella site for all Zynga games. According to the survey, the website would provide a place where you could access all your Zynga games.

"Imagine a place where you can play all your favorite Zynga games like Farmville, Mafia Wars, Café World and others. This would be a place where you could play games:

* that are always free
* without losing any of the friends or game history you have already built up
* that allow you to earn rewards faster and have them apply across all Zynga games
* with faster performance and fewer glitches
* where accepting gifts or neighbor requests is quick and easy
* where helping friends or asking for help is easy to do
* that allow you to see game-relevant feeds & posts in one place
* that have a substantially larger game playing area
* that allow you to trade items with friends
* that show how you compare against your friends and other players
* that provide exclusive game features
* that let you receive and share tips with other players"

Note: Out of respect for Zynga, we are not posting the original link to the survey because we do not know the original audience the survey was distributed to or intended for.

This article originally appeared on FarmVille Freak.