How to Unclutter a Closet for $50 -- Savings Experiment


An indelible episode of Oprah showed the mega-host getting her closet organized by an interior decorator who basically turned it into a small boutique, for easy and fun wardrobe access. That should get rid of the classic rant "I have nothing to wear!" Now, most of us don't have the budget nor the closet space to recreate this transformation. In this Savings Experiment, we'll find out the best way to optimize a bedroom closet while saving money on the make-over.

You can purchase a closet system, but they will cost you. I've searched online chat forums and reviews for the best ones. The highly favored Elfa closet organizing systems and accessories at the Container Store can cost anywhere from around $600 to $4,000. Customers report that the systems are easy to put together and last. The PAX systems at Ikea are also highly rated but can set you back a couple thousand too. ClosetMaid is much more affordable -- for around $200 you can pick up a system through to fit your closet, but reviewers have complained that they're difficult to assemble and missing parts in the packaging. Let's see if you can create your dream closet for under $50 by shopping for a few key pieces.