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Dollar TreeDollar Tree is giving the public a chance to review its online products. You can say why you disliked something or alternately why you liked it. The idea is to help other customers to decide if a product they are considering buying at Dollar Tree.com is likely to meet their needs.
Here's how it works:

First, of course, you must buy and use the product before you can offer a review. Dollar Tree wants you to tell about your personal experience with a product, focus on its features and share specific details on why you liked or disliked it. You can also post creative ideas for how you used that product and share your pictures. Then you'll give the product an overall rating based on a one to five star rating system, with five being the most favorable.

Go to Dollar Tree's Product Ratings & Reviews page and enter a SKU# or name in the box provided. You can also click the "Write a Review" button on any product page. Once you find the product you wish to review, click "Write a Review" in the ratings box under the product name. You'll be directed to a sign-in page. If you haven't already registered, you'll have to create an account prior to writing the review.

When you've signed in, you'll be asked to provide an overall rating of the product, plus rate it based on price and value. You should also indicate if you would recommend the product to a friend. Then you can write a detailed review about your experience with the product, good or bad, and share creative images, uploading up to two pictures of what you have done with the item.

You should avoid using information that's subject to change such as assortments or case quantities, no inappropriate language or attitude will be allowed and, naturally enough, they don't want information about other companies or Web sites posted. See the Product Ratings and Reviews page for full details and be sure to read the Terms and Condition of Use.

After you write the review, you'll be asked to give a bit of personal information about yourself, such as where you live, your gender and which best describes you or your organization. Dollar Tree doesn't want you to use your real name, in order to protect your privacy.

Don't expect to see your review online right away. It may take up to 72 hours to appear after you click the submit button.

Some may say that Dollar Tree is looking for trouble asking people to rate their products but I think it's a great idea. First, they'll be able, after a period of time, to determine what products they should keep and which ones they should no longer carry. Secondly, getting people to post photos of creative uses for Dollar Tree products is a great way to inspire other customers to use their products in the same ways.

Anyway, with every review being looked over before it's posted, you're not going to get away with cussing out China or Dollar Tree in general because, well, that's just not helpful, is it?

Marlene Alexander is a freelance writer and dollar store diva. She writes tips and ideas for home decor using only items from the dollar store.
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