Home Safe by Karl Lagerfeld Is World's Most Expensive

Kark Largerfield for DöttlingAs if the iconic Karl Lagerfeld is not busy enough pumping out fashion designs while at the helm of Chanel, Fendi and his own eponymous brand, he's also spent the past two years creating what's being touted as the world's most expensive home safe.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Lagerfeld partnered with German safe manufacturing firm, Döttling, to bring into the marketplace a 1,760-pound safeguard that may cost more than your mortgage--a whopping $340,000.

At 6 feet tall and around 3 feet wide, the safe's capabilities well outweigh its size (but, perhaps, not its price). To ensure your irreplaceable possessions are secure, the genius new product has "owner-recognition technology" ensuring that you--and only you--are granted access.

And what has the designer, who continually pushes the limits of haute couture, named his safe?

Meet Narcissus. The almost six-foot safe has a mirror-like exterior made of chrome-plated aluminum is aptly named after the character in Greek mythology who loves his own reflection. And at three feet deep, this shiny item is a lot less shallow than its Greek counterpart. The limited edition of 30 personal safes (one of which will go to Lagerfeld), exclusively distributed in the U.S. by LA Closet Design in West Hollywood, were not made with mass market intentions.

Karl Largerfeld"I am not interested in what people want," said the provocative and self-obsessed designer in a statement. "I've designed a safe that I would like to own and stand in my home."

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