Happy Aquarium: Get a 100% Resale Value on Old Items

Get 100% Resale on Happy Aquarium items
Get 100% Resale on Happy Aquarium items

There's a downside to this offer, but for now, I'm going to start with the good news...

Happy Aquarium would like all players to know that it's now possible to receive a full refund from reselling old items at the store. Seeing that the game still doesn't have item storage, players who don't want to part with rare or expensive items due to low returns on resale, tend to dump items in their spare tank. But now, you toss out your old decorations, and reclaim those expenses in full.

Now what you're probably thinking right now is: What about items that were bought with Pearls or Facebook Credits? Well, the answer is going to be a bit disappointing. You're going to get the equivalent of the Pearls or Facebook Credits in Coins.

Now here's the second disappointment: This offer is random! When old man Harold pops up in your game window and says "Sell NOW!", he means NOW, cause otherwise, you're not going to get the deal on your resales. It'd be sweet if the game implemented a Resale Value Week instead, but hey, the option is still nice to have around.