FarmVille March 29th Podcast with FarmVille Freak CliffsNotes


The March 29th Official FarmVille Podcast is up! You can listen to the Podcast video above, read the FarmVille Freak Summary below, or check out the entire Offiical FarmVille Podcast Transcript provided by Lexilicious at the bottom of the post.

FarmVille Freak Summary of March 29th Official FarmVille Podcast:

Spring Themed Items

* Spring Basket feature works like Valentine's and Pot of Gold events.
* Everyone will receive a free Spring Basket in your Gift Box.
* Sendable Eggs as free gifts and can be found while fertilizing.
* New farmers playing for 7 days or less can send 3 Spring Eggs to a single friend.
* Up to 10 neighbors can receive a free egg by clicking on a Spring Egg sharing link via Facebook newsfeed.

Horse Stable Change

* Pink Hair and Brown Hair Ponies are producing their own Pony Foals.