FarmVille 3 Spring Eggs possible spybot/virus: RUMOR


UPDATE: After investigating some external links provided on Facebook newsfeed, from our experience none of them contained viruses. We cannot confirm that any of these links themselves caused a virus. Of course it is a possibility that could happen, but we believe this is a rumor that is 100% NOT true.

Some FarmVille Freak users have reported that after clicking on a Facebook newsfeed of what they thought was a link to the 3 Spring Eggs Gifting, it turned out to be a virus, not related to FarmVille. These links were re-post "ads" provided by other Facebook users, not affiliated with FarmVille.

Our intention of posting this on FarmVille Freak is to inform you and bring awareness that there could be a possible virus with malicious parties posting fake links. We are NOT confirming this rumor as true and are waiting on an official Zynga response.

The important thing to remember, is to please be wary of any links that you click on especially by those provided by non-FarmVille related group pages. Do not install any unknown applications after clicking on links.

Not all the 3 Spring Eggs links contain viruses, the ones that originate from FarmVille are legitimate links to the Gifting Page. Legitimate FarmVille links should begin like this:*

Note: This possible virus is NOT associated with the 3 Spring Eggs links that we posted on FarmVille Freak earlier this week.

FarmVille 3 Egg Links:
3 Blue Spring Eggs
3 Orange Spring Eggs
3 Pink Spring Eggs
3 Purple Spring Eggs
3 Red Spring Eggs

farmville 3 spring eggs virus/hoax
farmville 3 spring eggs virus/hoax