Top 10 signs the auction you're at is a scam

How to know if you're at a fake auction
How to know if you're at a fake auction

Going to an auction can be an exciting way to get great bargains -- and it's a lot less intimidating than you might think. Unfortunately though, the auction business has long been a haven for con artists looking to separate inexperienced collectors from their cash with misleading advertising, high-pressure sales tactics, and outright lies. Fortunately, most scam auctions are actually pretty easy to spot if you know what to look for.

None of these signs of flimflam are foolproof. But if you're at an auction and find that more than a few of them are true, watch out. I've been attending auctions for years and have compiled this list of red flags based on my own experiences, chats with legitimate auctioneers, and media reports on fraudulent auction houses.