Sweet San Francisco Rental: Japantown Apartments from $1,829

I always wonder about why some rental ads will only show the outside of the building? What are they hiding?

At least this place sounds good on paper. It's situated right near wonderful Japantown near the Western Addition. Not only is there a slew of great sushi bars, but colorful Japantown also has a wonderful shopping mall that makes you feel like you are in the heart of Tokyo. If you took up residence here, each March you can take in the annual Cherry Blossom Festival. I personally like the Kabuki Theater which has top-rate independent cinema. And they have studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments available at the building, called 2000 Post.

2000 Post Apartments look quaint from the outside. Though the listing doesn't have any photos, if you go to their website you can to take a virtual video tour of an apartment. I just took the virtual tour and the place looks very comfortable with hardwood floors with granite counter tops, stainless-steel and black appliances, new cabinetry, and modern, track lighting.
The price range goes from $1,829 for a studio all the way up to $2,740 for a two bedroom. There's also world-class amenities including a lush garden and a rejuvenating hydrotherapy spa, not to mention pool and fitness center.
I would say the price for this apartment is a bit on the high side. You can shop around and find two bedrooms in this area for around $1,900 (but they probably don't offer a spa) but definitely look before you rent.

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