Protesters Rally to Save Frontier Airlines "Spokesanimals"

nostri-imago, flickr

Frontier Airlines employees rallied in downtown Denver last Thursday to save the name and loveable critters associated with the brand.

According to a March 26th report by the Denver Post, a group of around 150 protesters held signs and chanted "Save Our Animals, Save Our Tails" as part of the demonstration.

"Foxy the Fox" and "Grizwald the Bear" are just two of the 60 mascots painted on the tails of Frontier planes as part of the "A Whole Different Animal" ad campaign. Since 2003, the airline has been running quirky commercials where animals playfully talk with one another or airline employees, or sometimes break out in song.

Watch One of the "Spokesanimals" in Action Below:

The brand and its "spokesanimals" became endangered after Republic Airways Holdings Inc. bought the airline back in October, just months after purchasing Midwest Airlines. The two carriers have since been flying as stand-alone brands, but Republic announced in early March plans to fuse the two airlines together.

Republic did not specify what the new unified name will be, but some believe changing Frontier's brand would be a big mistake. Aviation consultant Mike Boyd told the Post a name change could result in the loss of up to 10 percent of the local market.

"They have brand loyalty. It's theirs to mess up," said Boyd.

Pilot and rally organizer Janet Vaughn-Elliot told the Post the animal ads set the airline apart. Without them, the airline " would be just like everybody else," she said.
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