Over 60% of Gamers Purchase Virtual Goods- Do you buy farm cash?


In an article published today on Joystiq.com a survey found that over 88% of gamers have purchased online virtual goods. According to the article by Richard Mitchell,

>>"88 percent of gamers have purchased digital content over the last several years. The study was conducted by market research firm DFC Intelligence using a survey of 5000 gamers from the US and Europe during the first two months of 2010. The study also looked at data from several different countries -- including South Korea, the U.S., Japan, Germany, Vietnam and the Philippines -- gathered over the last seven years." (Source: Joystiq )

The 88% figure includes the purchase of movies and music as well as in-game content. However, of the sample surveyed, still a large majority had exclusively purchased in-game content such as virtual goods in FarmVille. This percentage revealed that over,

>>"60 percent of those surveyed have purchased in-game items, most of which were offered as part of free-to-play games." (Source: Joystiq )

Typically, there are two types of FarmVille farmers, those that feel strongly about not buying any farm cash at all and others who have purchased farm cash or do not mind those who do. FarmVille Freaks, how do you feel about purchasing farm cash?

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