Michael Steele, RNC Chairman, submits expenses that include L.A. bondage club

Oh, the expenses employees try to write-off! According to Tucker Carlson's news site the Daily Caller, Republican National Committee, chaired by Michael Steele, submitted expenses that included nearly $2,000 from a visit to Voyeur West Hollywood, a bondage-and-lesbian-act nightclub.

According to federal disclosure filings dug-through by Jonathan Strong, a reporter for The Daily Caller, expenses for Steele's February trip to California included $9,099 at the Beverly Hills Hotel, $6,596 at the Four Seasons, and $1,946 at the bondage club.
After the news broke, a RNC spokesperson attributed the expenses at Voyeur to hired consultant, Erik Brown, owner of Dynamic Marketing Inc., who also consults for California candidate for governor, Steve Poizner.

However, not all of the charges can be attributed to Brown. Other jaw-dropping expenses in the report included $17,514 on private jets and $12,691 on limos during the month of February. The RNC told the Daily Caller that Steele only uses the private aircraft when commercial services aren't readily available or when he doesn't have time.

The RNC, according to the Daily Caller, has not explained how such an expense as the one at Voyeur could be reimbursed in the first place. In fact, the report leaves plenty of questions unanswered. As Tucker Carlson asks: "Our questions remain: Why did the committee spend more than $17,000 on private jets in the month of February? How and why was RNC business conducted in a bondage-themed nightclub, and how and why were the nearly $2,000 in charges that resulted approved by RNC staff?"

For a look inside the lavish bondage-themed nightclub enjoyed by RNC consultants and staff, Jason Linkins of the Huffington Post looked up pictures and Yelp reviews. And since tax time is upon us, this tale serves as a good reminder not to pull a Michael Steele with Uncle Sam.
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