March Madness: My fantasy basketball bracket ... and the winning announcer is ...


In our own fit of March Madness, we asked Money College sports nut Erik Larsen to speculate on what a bracket pitting announcer against announcer might look like. Here's what he came up with.

For all the dough spent on announcers for the Final Four, and all the money fans spend to get there, I have to wonder: Is there a better way to pick who should get to call the games?

Announcing is supposed to be an art. A good announcer crafts the narrative, tells the story of the game as it unfolds, and doesn't detract from the game itself. It's a fine line but the best announcers in the world have that natural gift to tap-dance that line like Fred Astaire. A bad announcer, however, is a bit like a movie director who walks in front of the camera every five minutes to give the actors notes, but then refuses to edit out the parts where he's standing in front of the camera.

Nope, let's leave that shot in there, it's good, just put some CGI on me. Wrap me in CGI. Uhhh ... good work, Michael Bay.