I Want This House! $1M Miami Penthouse Worthy of 'Miami Vice'

720 NE 62nd St. Miami, FlI want to live in this $1 million penthouse in Miami and live like Don Johnson's character in "Miami Vice."

I want to wear a white suit in this white building at 720 NE 62nd St., which looks like a place Detective James "Sonny" Crockett would call home. If he could afford a $1 million penthouse condo, although less expensive condos are available in the same complex, called IOS On the Bay.
But the penthouse is where it's at, and for $1 million this is where I want to be in the Upper East Side of Miami. The penthouse has a rooftop terrace with views of the bay and nearby Miami Beach. It's a chic neighborhood to live in, with plenty of restaurants and nightlife to keep you entertained.

720 NE 62nd St., Miami, FlThe penthouse also has a private pool, making the price a little easier to swallow. The five-story building has only 45 residences. It has an on-site gym and a bay front pool, in case the penthouse pool gets a little lonely. The units feature bathrooms with huge rain showers with pebble floors and walls. The two-bedroom unit was built in 2007.

A word of caution when looking for the property on Mapquest. Putting in the address as 720 62 St. in Miami will get you just west of Interstate 95, far from the bay, beach and everywhere else you want to be in the Upper East Side. Be sure to put the address as 720 NE 62nd St., where the IOS complex is.

Finding the price of comparable homes in the complex is difficult, although many of the four-bedroom, four-bath penthouses with 2,600 square feet are going for the same price of $1 million. The one that I picked is two bedrooms, although I'm hoping that's a misprint since others are four bedrooms for the same price.

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