Happy Pets: New Premium Pet Mystery Box

Happy Pets Mystery Pet Box
Happy Pets Mystery Pet Box

Happy Pets has released a new type of Mystery Box, called "Premium Pet Box", from which you are guaranteed to get a Premium (a.k.a. FB Credits-only) pet, for 16 Facebook Credits per box. You are also guaranteed that the pet will be worth at least 18 FB Credits, so you won't have to worry about breaking even on a box purchase. Also, pets that were discontinued, such as the "Chesire Cat", are obtainable in this way.

Here are the things you must keep in mind though, before you buy a box:
- Your Premium Pet Box will count as 1 pet in your room
- You must have enough space in your room prior to purchasing a Premium Pet Box
- You must also have enough space in your room before opening a Premium Pet Box

Like all good things, the new Premium Pet Box has its downsides. If you look at the store, something like the common Green Turtle costs 18 FB Credits, and folks who are hoping to grab a "Mythic Rare" (discontinued pets) or "Mutants" (pets with special coloring and patterns), might find themselves saddled with a bunch of Commons (turtle, pig, duck, hamster, parrot) from the "Other" section of the Happy Pets store.

And if you want to talk about guarantees, the higher chance of getting a bunch of Commons, even while breaking even, is still enough to piss off many players.