Happy Aquarium: Limited Edition Pearl Idol

Pearl Idol in Happy Aquarium
Happy Aquarium has introduced a new limited edition idol for users willing to cough up the 165 Pearls or 138 Facebook Credits, which amounts to approximately $13.80, but the game will only allow you to purchase the Pearls as a set of 20 for 20 FB Credits, or $20. Is it just me, or does this sound ridiculously expensive? At the same time, though, Pearls are a very rare deal. Right now, the only way to earn them without using real cash is to get one each time you gain a level.
How the Pearl Idol works in Happy Aquarium
As you can see via the officially provided in-game screenshots above, the Pearl Idol is a lovely statue. The shell in the statue's hand will open to release one Pearl each day, then stay closed until the next 24 hrs. If you think it's worth it, you can find it under the Star tab at the in-game store.
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