FarmVille Easter egg & Spring Basket glitch

farmville spring basket glitch -- whoa!
farmville spring basket glitch -- whoa!

While FarmVille Freak Melissa T. was redeeming prizes from her Spring Basket, a glitch occurred that showed she had collected a total of 4,294,267,282 Spring Eggs!

That's 4.3 billion Spring Eggs!!! The glitch then caused an out of sync error and the count returned to normal. She was not able to use any of the billion eggs to redeem for prizes. Says Melissa,

"Hello farmgoddess,

I was redeeming prizes from my basket tonight when my basket said I had WAY more eggs than I should. I promptly got an out of sync message but I got a print screen before it reloaded.

Melissa T"

How many FarmVille Spring Eggs have you collected?

This article originally appeared on FarmVille Freak.

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