Famous people make great spam bait

Tom Barlow
Spammers use famous faces to con you
Spammers use famous faces to con you

Internet security firm McAfee recently released its January 2010 spam report which included a summation of the 2009 spam world. Included was a list of the top celebrities used to bait you into reading spam. You just can't pass up Angelina Jolie or Oprah Winfrey, can you?

The study also found that, while spam continues to trend up, measures by the Chinese government to crack down on spam sites hosted within its borders could have a significant impact on the operations of sleazeballs the world around.

The China Internet Network Information Center reported that those requesting a URL in the domain .cn are now required to file written applications with documentation. As a result, spammers have moved to other free sites such as Microsoft's spaces.live.com.

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