DJ AM Goldstein's SoHo Apartment Sells

The estate of the late Adam "DJ AM" Goldstein didn't have to wait long for a buyer. The corner unit at 210 Lafayette, which went on the market a couple of months ago for $1.79 million, is now under contract, reports the New York Times.

Its new owner apparently doesn't mind the tainted past of the 1,147-square-foot apartment, and went straight for the deal. So, "the doomed abode" of the celebrity turntablist might not have been hurt by its associated deaths after all. But the sold price will be the best indication.
Unless there was a bidding war that brought up the price, the home more than likely sold for less than its 2007 purchase price of $1.995 million, given it was listed for $200,000 less than that. In addition to a sluggish real estate market, there was another potential negative that might have weighed on the price: the fact that the Nike-loving Goldstein, who at one time dated Nicole Richie and Mandy Moore, died of an "accidental" overdose in the apartment.

Goldstein was discovered on August 28 in bed, shirtless and face down with an OxyContin pill still in his mouth, and a combination of cocaine, Oxycodone, Vicodin, Ativan, Klonopin, Xanax, Benadryl and Levamisole in his gut, CNN reported. What's more, the previous occupant of the apartment, Lou Marinelli, a co-owner of the Chelsea club Crobar, also met an untimely death after a motorcycle accident.

Then again, perhaps the deaths helped this stigmatized home sale. After all, people had no problem forking over dough when Goldstein's prized Nike collection went for sale on eBay, with some selling for about $500.

Still on the market since November, however, is his 3,375-square-foot 4-bedroom Beverly Hills home at 9918 Anthony Place (left). It has dropped its price $300,000 to $3.495 million. A 2-bedroom, 2-bath home Goldstein owned at 3160 Cadet Ct. in Los Angeles sold posthumously for $690,000 in October 2009, according to public records and probate documents.

Either way, we wish the new owner of the sunny SoHo unit a long and healthy life.

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Sheree R. Curry is an award-winning business journalist who resides in a Minneapolis suburb.
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