Arm & Hammer coupons worth $11.50

Arm & Hammer coupons
Arm & Hammer coupons

I wish more manufacturers made it this easy to find and print coupons for their products. You can access 10 Arm & Hammer coupons totalling $10.50 for various products if you share your name, e-mail, and zip code on the Arm & Hammer Web site.

When I last checked the coupons included $1 off pet protection pads (in case your dog goes wee wee on the floor), $3 off pool maintenance tablets, and $1 off whitening booster. You can also get 50 cents off baking soda. You'll need a printer and coupon software to print the coupons. Expect to receive occasional e-mails from Arm & Hammer if you sign up.

Thanks, Blue Gypsy!

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