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Check out Diane Keaton's latest project (a house, not a movie), or pick up some pointers on savvy homeownership - like whether to pay extra towards your mortgage, and how to lower your home's assessment. It's all in our top posts on HousingWatch this week.

1.Donald Trump's Foreclosed Condo Hotel in Fort Lauderdale Leaving Buyers in Legal Hell
Buyers in Florida who were seduced by the Trump name to put down deposits on million-dollar condos are having major regrets now, as the property slips into foreclosure before even being finished.

2. Does it Make Sense to Pay Your Mortgage Down Early?
Think you're being virtuous by agreeing to your lender's offer to let you pay a little extra towards your mortgage each month for an early payoff? See our assessment of why it might be a better deal to put that "extra" cash somewhere else.

3. Regulators Who Watched as Crisis Built Collected Cushy Bonuses
Adding another insult to the injury already done to the American homeowner in recent years, an Associated Press report has just found that the government watchdogs who should have mitigated the mortgage crisis raked in huge bonuses while Rome burned. Thanks for nothing, guys.

4. Diane Keaton, House Flipper
Not all of Diane Keaton's creative energy goes into her wacky wardrobe: she's also an avid historic preservationist and a high-end house flipper. Read about her latest renovation of a historic Beverly Hills mansion going for $8 million.

5.How to Lower Your Property Taxes
You don't have to just grin (or scream) and bear it when your property assessment arrives. Follow our surprisingly simple steps to file an appeal, and stand a good chance - as much as 40 percent - of getting your assessment lowered.

6. Showtime for Fannie and Freddie
In a long-awaited announcement regarding the future of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner gave assurances that the government isn't getting out of the mortgage business just yet.
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