Taco Bell goes to India

Taco Bell goes to India
Taco Bell goes to India

If you are holidaying in India, and miss the taste of home, don't fret. Along with KFC, Pizza Hut, Mc Donald's, TGI Friday's and Ruby Tuesdays there will now be Taco Bell to make you feel at home.

Yum! Brands, Inc. the parent company of Pizza Hut, KFC etc., recently announced the unveiling of the first Taco Bell in India

"We're delighted to be offering Taco Bell to consumers in India, a key growth market in our global portfolio," said Graham Allan, president, Yum! Restaurants International in a release. "Based on customer feedback so far, we expect it will become extremely popular, just as it is in the United States. The Mexican-style food is perfect for the Indian taste palate and we will be offering a variety of vegetarian meals as well so that everyone can enjoy it."

True, there's similarity between Indian and Mexican food, but what will make Taco Bell popular is the rising middle class
that's deeply infatuated with any foreign brand. Yum! already had a pretty good hold over the Indian consumer with other brands such as Pizza Hut and KFC. The company expects to have at least 1,000 locations in India by 2015.

Taco Bell should be an easy introduction as a third global brand at a time when the U.S. market is not very favorable for the restaurant industry.

So what can you expect to see at a Taco Bell in India? Besides the familiar fare of tacos, burritos, nachos, quesadillas and crunchwraps, they will also serve up some spicier products tailored to the Indian market. In addition, 50% of the menu features a vegetarian range of products specially created for Indian consumers including potato paneer ( Indian Cottage cheese) burritos and crunchy potato tacos. Not surprising considering that other chains carry Indianized items on the menu.

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