Spring Break Internships: 3 Tips for Securing the Perfect Interim Job

After a week of pulling "all-nighters" to ace mid-term exams, it is natural for many college students to spend the following week unwinding at a tropical oasis for Spring Break.

However, some students are starting to forgo the week at the beach. Instead, they are getting valuable experience in their respective fields at Fortune 500 companies and at non-profits abroad through spring break internships. Being an intern for a week not only allows students to get hands-on experience in their major, but it also allows them to decide if they are going in the right direction.

If you are a college student looking for an alternative to Spring Break, you might want to consider the following:

1. Plan ahead

With spring break approaching for many colleges across the country, now is not the time to begin looking for a week long internship. It is best to begin your search at the start of your spring semester. But it's never too late. If you plan to go home for spring break, reach out to companies in your hometown to see if you can tour the office or spend a few days assisting one of the company's senior managers.

2. Consult your college career office

Many counselors will have a list of internship opportunities for students. In addition, they should have a directory of alumni business owners and executives who are looking for temporary help or participants in a job-shadowing program.

3. Be proactive

If you are having a problem finding week long internship on online job sites, research companies within your major. Contact the HR department to see if you can work in an entry-level position for a week. Remember to have your resume already polished before making an initial contact. In addition, search "spring break abroad" online. But, watch out for scams. There are a variety of legitimate programs for a college students looking to volunteer in their field overseas. Working abroad is a great way to give back to a cause that you are passionate about.

With the current job market, many of today's internships are unpaid. So students should keep that in mind when applying for a spring break internship. But on the bright side, having a spring break internship on your resume will be a time investment well spent. It will show employers that you are career driven and well-rounded.

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