Dollar Store Dilettante: How to save money the hipster way

10 way to save money the hipster way
10 way to save money the hipster way

To the hipsters out there who want to save money, here are 10 guidelines that define my life as a broke hipster in a big city.

1. Payeth not more than $20 for a show.

Forget the legacy acts and overpriced reunion tours. Keep an eye on OhMyRockness (or Pollstar if you're not in a major city) and go see new bands from whom you've heard one or two songs. Or none. Trust me from experience: Shows at mid-size and larger venues generally (and increasingly, in the era of easy downloading) pack in the jerks and bore you to tears. Even if they sound potentially awesome.

Ignore this commandment, and thou shalt sippeth the bitterness of Bud Light, pay $9 for it, and do so whilst listening to college freshmen in Guster shirts garble the words to "Cut Your Hair." You've been warned.

Exceptions allowed for the following: Bruce Springsteen, Tom Waits, Lady Gaga.