Why Silicon Valley Isn't Starving for Overseas Talent

Tech entrepreneur and thinker Vivek Wadhwa has written much about how Silicon Valley has lost its luster and is in the midst of a massive reverse brain drain fueled by bad immigration policies and greener pastures in the East.

I've even helped him with some of his research on this topic and assisted in several related articles he's written. Wadhwa, who's good friend of mine, has been saying increasingly loudly that Silicon Valley is losing its best and brightest, and the tech titans of Santa Clara and Cupertino had better wake up, pronto.

I respect Wadhwa and his research. I used to agree with it completely. But now I work at technology's ground zero, in Sunnyvale, the true guts of the hardware belt, and I'm changing my mind. Vivek, you gotta come with me to Falafel Bite in Sunnyvale and see why you're wrong. Or, if you're right, it's going to take a long, long time before what you're saying about Silicon Valley's slide is a serious problem.