The 'Intern Queen' did 15 internships in four years ... should you?

Intern Queen, money college
Intern Queen, money college

Heard of the Intern Queen? If you're in college and are wondering what you'll do this summer, you'll want to look her up.

By the time Lauren Berger graduated from University of Central Florida in 2006, she had 15 internships already under her belt. So she felt like an expert when it came to finding and getting them. Even when she landed her first job at Creative Artists Agency, she told everyone who would listen that she was "The Intern Queen."

She talked about it so much a Hollywood producer took notice and offered to help her launch it as her personal brand.

Now, at only 25, she's living her dream of helping college students land their dream internships via her site Business Week last year includes her in its Best Entrepreneurs Under 25.