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With so many home improvement shows on TV right now who has time to watch them all? We do. We have all sorts of crazy free time. That's why each week we'll recap the best of the home television shows so you don't miss a beat. Here's how to avoid the water-cooler embarrassment of not being able to weigh in on what adorable thing Ty Pennington said this week.

ABCs "Extreme Makeover" (Airs Sunday nights 8/7c)
This show never fails to make us weep. Thank goodness, they're usually tears of joy. Last night, it was a happy reunion between a soldier and his family. But guess what? Know who else was on hand to share the joy? Former A-list, now C-list actor Christian Slater. Yes, the star of "Heathers" was on hand to share in the joy. He's got time since none of his TV shows seem to be working out. Ty instructs Christian Slater to rip out the oven that has been broken for years.

MTV "Teen Cribs"(MTV Weekdays 12/11c)
I personally don't get this show. I loved the original MTV "Cribs" when you got to see Snoop Dogg's house and the various rooms he has to light up his favorite blend of chronic. "Teen Cribs" is basically rich kids whose parents have really cool houses and the teens give the house tour. In the latest episode of "Teen Cribs," we sneak through secret spots and frollick in fancy fountains as you tour the home of Robert, Sydney, Alexa and Taylor's (the kids of a wealthy Internet exec). Check out mom's shoe closet and the bowling alley.

"Flip This House"(A&E Saturdays 11/10c)
In the episode, Everything's New at Newton, Candice can't believe her luck when she discovers a promising property while cruising for deals in East Atlanta. It's actually a house her team eyed a few months previous. The team at Foundations takes on one of its most ambitious flips to date. Brian has big plans for this house which involve a second story addition. Soon as work begins, problems arise. After tearing down the rotted framing and getting rid of the crumbling brick exterior, only the floor remains. Then, rainstorms threaten... Now faced with a renovation that has suddenly become a new construction job, Brian and Peter have their hands full. No what? Everything works out in the end.

"Divine Design" (HGTV Saturdays 8/7c)
Host Candice Olson transforms an outdated sunroom into a calming, coastal retreat. When an urban family tries to renovate their charming turn-of-the-century home to feel like a cottage in the city. Conflict: The place is perfect, except for one eyesore at the back, a large, outdated, 1980s sunroom. The space, complete with peach paint and forest green carpeting, stuck out like a sore thumb, yet tended to be the room everyone gravitated toward. It was also the passageway to the family's stunning backyard. The couple was desperate to resuscitate the room, so Candace gathered her crew and got set to breathe some life into this listless space. Hurrah!

The Outdoor Room" (HGTV Saturday 1 est)
A green, eco-conscious family does everything they can to take care of the planet including growing their own organic vegetables in their giant backyard. Host Jamie Durie, helps them to create a contemporary sustainable outdoor breakfast nook and lounge area with a productive food garden. Much rejoicing takes place!

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