Cafe World Super Stoves arrive with a hefty price tag

Cafe World Super stoves arrive
Cafe World's Super Stoves have arrived, but there's good news and bad news -- the good news is that if you have signed up for the Cafe World email club, you get one for free. The other good news is that it only takes one click to pick a dish and get it cooking -- no more of the tiresome five- to six clicks (yup, I counted) it usually takes to get something going... The bad news: these stoves cost a whopping 50 Cafe Cash (roughly $10) to buy one of these wonder-stoves. Buy a few of these stoves, and you've dropped a pretty penny.
Cafe World Super Stoves
But, let's get back to the one free Super Stove. I had a hard time finding it in the inventory, initially, but then found it under the Functional items tab (with the two gears), under Stoves and in the second row. The stove already has a x1 next to it, so I deleted another stove and then moved the new Super Stove into its place.

These Super Stoves are great and will certainly help chefs who want less clicking to prepare a dish -- it's just too bad you will have to get lucky at the in-game lotto and/or empty your real-life wallet to truly reap the benefits.

Do you think the Cafe World Super Stoves are too expensive? Sound off in the comments below.

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