Washington, D.C. Condos Under $450,000

4101 Albemarle St., Washington, D.C.If you have a family, finding a home in Washington, D.C. for $450,000 or less can be difficult. But if you're single, or married, and don't mind having a one-bedroom condo, possibly two bedrooms, then you can find a place to live in our nation's capital.

With enough politics, nightlife, history, restaurants and other things to explore, you'll want a comfortable condo to return home to, and here are three condos in Washington, D.C. for $450,000 or less that should do the job. All are in the northwest quadrant of the city.
Condo #1 - American University Park Neighborhood for $445,000
This one-bedroom, one-bath condo at 4101 Albemarle St. tops our list at $445,000. Along with a bedroom, it has a den that can be used as a guest room, and a quiet, private courtyard. The kitchen has wood cabinets and floor, granite counters, a living and dining area with a fireplace, and floor to ceiling windows. It has an open floor plan, making it look large.

The condo fees are $426 a month. It's around the corner from shopping and the Metro, the subway for Washington, D.C. It's near American University, a college near the Maryland border. Comparable homes in the neighborhood have had an average asking price of $459,000, and have an average sold price of $332,000.

3870 Rodman St., Washington, D.C.Condo #2 - Cleveland Park Neighborhood for $425,000
A larger option is a condo at 3870 Rodman St. for $425,000. It has two bedrooms and one bath, and while the square footage isn't in the listing, the condo looks much bigger from the accompanying photos than the one-bedroom condo at 4101 Albermarle St. This one has an eat-in kitchen, separate dining room, spare bedroom, and a big master bedroom and living room that make it seem more like a house than a condo.

It's also a good location, with plenty of parking, easy access to Metro, shopping, dining and entertainment. The Cleveland Park neighborhood is known for its many late 19th century homes and the historic Art Deco Uptown Theater. Beautiful McLean Gardens are a short walk away. It also has plenty of street parking, which is a unique bonus. Condo fees are $387 per month. Comparable homes in the neighborhood have been offered for sale for an average price of $397,000.

Condo #3 - Wesley Heights Neighborhood for $385,000
The third option is much less than the other two, but still in the same general area WHAT AREA IS THIS??, and might even be better. The one-bedroom, one-bath condo at 3101 New Mexico Ave. is for sale for $385,000.

3101 New Mexico Ave., Washington, D.C.It has 1,170 square feet with refinished parquet wood floors, a kitchen with granite countertops and new ceramic tile floor, renovated bathroom, wood blinds, six closets, large private balcony, garage parking, and pets are welcome at the condo. A bus stop is out front, and as with the others, shops and dining are within walking distance of this wealthy neighborhood, as is Georgetown University. The nearby university may make it a bonus worth paying for.

The condo fees are $699 a month, which may explain why the unit is priced so well. The $385,000 price is below what other homes have sold for in the area: $491,000.

The Verdict
While the third condo is definitely a deal, for my money I'd go with the bigger condo -- the second option at 3870 Rodman St. At $425,000 it's within the $450,000 price range, is in a good neighborhood with plenty to do and the monthly condo fees are reasonable. You might as well get as much room as you can afford, and the large master bedroom and living room make it a home worth buying.

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