'Tough As Nails' Episode 2: Mad Dash to the Open House

Episode 2 of HGTV's new reality series 'Tough as Nails' aired last night. In case you're not up to speed, the show follows the exploits of Cindy Stumpo, the self-proclaimed "best builder" in Boston as she tries to juggle the family business, demanding clients and her personal life. Working in a male-dominated industry, Cindy Stump is tough as nails. We know this right away in the opening credits as she puts on lipstick, slams a car door, and yells at her crew, "Come on guys, prepare to work!" Go get 'em Cindy!
I've only watched two episodes of "Tough as Nails" and already I'm beginning to see a familiar story arc: Cindy has a house she needs to turn over in a set number of days in preparation for a big open house. There's a bit of dramatic tension on whether that could be done or not. In between all those there's sexual/romantic tension with Joe, Cindy's ex-husband. In the end it all works out. Hurrah!

The episode starts out with Cindy being interviewed on a local radio show. The DJs say things like, " You're a contractor with THOSE nails!? " They ask her about her ex-husband, Joe. Later, Cindy has dilemma on her hands: She has to turn over a historic, $3.5 million house on Heath Street, which needs a new foundation. The crux: She needs to move this place in a market where nothing is moving. Cindy declares to the camera: "In this economy no builder can afford to be sitting on these properties." End of act one.

Now Cindy is faced with having to get ready for two brokers' open houses by having her crew work around the clock.

She tells her crew, "You are making me nuts!" Often.

Problems: Cindy gets sick. Her ex-husband Joe brings her chicken soup. Joe always brings her chicken soup when she's sick. He professes: "If we're meant to get back together only time will tell." We find out the reason they got divorced was because Joe cheated on her, so we learn that Joe is a bit of a scumbag.

Even though Cindy is sick, she drags herself out of bed to see through the finish of the Heath Street property. Oh no, with three hours left before the open house, the stain on the kitchen island doesn't match the original color. Yikes! Working up until the last minute the crew puts in the last minute touches. No what? It all works out in the end. The brokers love the house, especially the stunning new chandelier. Cindy and Joe celebrate by having a delicious dinner together.

Lets hope episode three mixes it up a bit.

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