Sweet San Francisco Rental: Nob Hill 1-Bedroom for $2,200

According to the rental listing for this Nob Hill-centric condo, the current occupant is moving to Mexico. And because of that, here's a chance to live in his fully furnished one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment in a 15-unit, classic-looking San Francisco building.

Situated right on Pine Street, this is a very quiet unit set in the rear of the building. This place is all about location. Not only is there a historic San Francisco cable car line one block away, but Chinatown and Union Square are only a short, 10-minute stroll away.
This condo is perfect for corporate housing as they sound very flexible on the rental lease.I can't vouch for what the condo looks like because the ad didn't provide photos, but it did say that they place comes equipped with a new mattress and sofa. Plus, there's semi-regular maid service . All you've got to do is plop down $5,000 for first and last month's rent and you'll be good to go.

Many, many great restaurants are in easy walking distance as well as markets and shops. So if someone is planning to stay in San Francisco for a short while or extended stay, this might be worth looking into.

The $2,200 rental price is a bit above average for one-bedroom apartments in this neighborhood. Even though Nob Hill has a reputation for being expensive, there are places offered in this area for as low at $1,675. So maybe the inside is pretty sweet -- it may be worth a look.

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